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Spinal Nerve Root Pain and Hemp-EaZe

Posted by Shelley Furgason on January 10, 2014 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Oh my aching back!

Every Cell of Your Body Has A Nerve Component.

Why do you ache? Let's examine your spine for every cell of your body has a nerve component.


For instance let's talk about sciatica; You may experience a deep ache at your hip, shooting pain


down your leg, a sharp sting in your knee, all created by the sciatic nerve.


The sciatic nerve is located where the small of the spine (L1-L5, below) in the main intersection

of nerves. When the area becomes irritated it will swell and constrict the nerve causing disabling


When treating your aches and pains, you will also benefit by massaging with Hemp-EaZe into

the nerve root areas of the spine that are connected with the problem.

We always find in these conditions the best way to treat the spine causing discomfort is to apply

Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream or Our Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter Balm warmed,

followed with a heating pad at bedtime.

The cream penetrates deeper working into the bone and muscle and releasing the

blockage, which assists in allowing the healing process to begin.

You will find proper heating instructions and much more information about the herbs and

products in our brochure,

Click here, www.hemp-eaze.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=13856518

Hemp-EaZe - "Healing At The Nerve ROOT of The Problem".

Pinguecula and Hemp-EaZe

Posted by Shelley Furgason on September 24, 2013 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (2)

I have been boasting for years about using Hemp-EaZe on everything. Except that wasn't accurate. I use Hemp-EaZe everywhere, except the eyes. We should always be cautious to protect our sight. But I have discovered something I want to share.

In 1997 our family was on a camping trip in the Grand Canyon Area, where I accidently sprayed mosquito repellant in my eye. It burned and the pain was blinding. All I could do was wash my eye, flushing the chemicals out. And try to continue with dinner.

I used a lot of eye drops on the trip home and made an eye doctor appointment.

This is what the burn looked like 

The doctor said The Iris wasn't effected and to continue the drops as I would suffer from Dry Eye.

I found I was very sensitive to glare.

After several months the chemical burn seem to become a part of the eye itself.

  This red line seem to be permanent

But after a few years, the red stripe moved. It drew up into itself and became a scab at the iris edge.

Doctor said, and as long as there is no eye pain, there's no need for surgery,  just keep using the eye drops.

He called it a Pinguecula, 

It bothered me terribly, feeling like I always had something in my eye. But eye drops was all I knew to do.

So during all this I have been developing Hemp-EaZe and spreading the word.

Then, just this last Summer I got dirt blown in my eyes from our counrty road. Darn stuff scratched my eye!

I used eye drops, but it stung, so continued with a water flush. But no relief.

That evening while getting ready for bed and using our Hemp-EaZe Therapy cream on the usual places;

Back, shoulders, neck, and knees. The rest thats on my hands gets rubbed in the face. And I thought to my self,

"what would this do for my eye" So cautiously I slightly dabbed a bit at the corner of my eye.

Instantly the hot scratchy pain was gone! I was surprised!

All this time I always thought that many of the herbs in our formula would be an irratant to the eye, such as the lavender, etc.

In the morning I checked my eye in the mirror and all the redness from the dirt was gone.

So I began wondering what would happen if I used the cream instead of eye drops, before I sleep, would it help with the irrataion I feel from this growth?

I tried it every night. The first feeling is discomfort because after all, I put cream in my eye, but it quickly subsided.

I did notice that the growth didn't feel as uncomfortable during the day, but to my surprise I was seeing it shrink!

In two weeks the growth was completely gone!!

For thirteen years I have been suffering with this chemical burn in my eye, yet I had the cure right at my finger-tips!

 I am not advocating that Hemp-EaZe should be recommended for eye treatments, But it sure was my miracle!

Ingredients We'll Never Use

Posted by Shelley Furgason on April 6, 2013 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (0)

INGREDIENTS WE'LL NEVER USE in our Hemp-EaZe products!

During my research into finding the right herbs that would heal my own injuries,

I discovered some concerning information;  


Unlike the strict guidelines for foods to qualify to be listed as “organic”

  I found that personal care products don’t  have any organic standards.   

I discovered that; The main ingredient in many personal care products is water (with a little herb extract dissolved in it, like a weak tea) 

    and manufacturers often count the weight of water in their organic claims. 

Where ORGANIC food manufacturers cannot count water towards their percentages.  

         This herbal “tea” is sometimes listed on labels as hydrosol, 

Refers to water that has been used to extract essential oils FOR ANOTHER USE! 

So the hint of rosemary, for instance, is actually the water that was used to rinse off the herb 

   and added to make the product seem organic,  sometimes calling it an essence!  

  Consumer advocates say, when it comes to cosmetics and personal care products,  “Organic” means whatever

manufacturers say it does.

  Products made using petroleum-derived and other synthetic or chemical ingredients,  and alcohol,  prohibited in

organic foods,  can be found among the organic shampoos and lotions made by;  Avalon, Nature's Gate, Jason

Natural Cosmetics, Kiss My Face and other brands.  

Just reading the list; 

    Zinc gluconate, methyl propyl paraben, olefin sulfonate, steareth-2, 

You have got to ask yourself.  What are these doing in a product that's called organic?  

The Natural Marketing Institute estimated that personal care products for this broader group accounted for $2.8

billion last year.

This shows how many people are being duped into thinking they are buying a pure product. 

add this to the list of Ingredients We'll Never Use


Synthetic preservatives that are potential toxins and endocrine disrupters

Sulfates (Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate)

Synthetic cleansing agents that potentially damage the lipid layer of your skin

Chemical Sunscreens (Parsol 1789/Oxybenzone)

Synthetic sunscreens that get absorbed and potentially disrupt hormone balance

Petro Chemicals (Petrolatum/Mineral Oil/Paraffin)

Non-renewable byproducts of crude oil with potentially dangerous impurities


Synthetic chemicals that potentially draw other chemicals into the bloodstream


Synthetic fragrance components that are potential toxins

PEGs or PPGs

Synthetic ingredients processed with ethylene oxide, a toxic residual impurity


Synthetic stabilizers that can react with other ingredients in products and form nitrosamines, a known carcinogen

Formaldehyde Donors (DMDM Hydantoin/ Diazolidinyl Urea/ Methylisothiazolinone)

Potential effect of some preservatives degrading over time and releasing small amounts of formaldehyde,

a known carcinogen

1, 4-Dioxanes

Accidental by-products from ethoxylation (common ingredient processing),

which are not declared on ingredient labels and are classified as possible carcinogens

We also never use ingredients that have been testing on animals 

Saving a kitten's foot with Hemp-EaZe

Posted by Shelley Furgason on January 17, 2013 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

We like you to meet Sheena our newest Tierra Sol Farm addition

She's showing her pink and healthy hind foot that once was mangled but healing with the help of Hemp-EaZe.

Our adventure started 3 days before we were scheduled to leave to go to Southern California for my son's wedding.

A week-old kitten suddenly appeared an hour after my husband returned from a trip downtown. Being that we are in a rural area far from the main road, we could only conclude that this little kitten must have been placed near the warm engine by momma cat, when the car was parked before Bill drove away.

The conclusion was that this little kitten, her eyes barely open, held on for a horrifying 15 miles it took to get home, we decided to name her Shenna, the warrior princess.

For her mighty deeds. Her untimely visit presented a predicament though because we weren't going to miss my Son's wedding, what were we to do with this little kitten days before our departure?.

Perplexed, the only safe choice was to place her in a rabbit cage with a cat box, plenty of food, and water, toys, blanket, box to hide in, and company with the rabbits and ducks, that lived in the coop. she'd be safe til our return.

One week later we returned from, by the way the most wonderful wedding experience, to find that the little kitten caught it's hind leg on a hanging string. From where she found it, I don't know, but she was hanging upside down! No telling for how long!

When we rescued her, we realized she had dislocated her leg and mangled her toes.

Naturally it was Friday night, Vets are closed, so we went into the home hospital regiment! Daily, We applied Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and a brace, that Bill fashioned out of a piece of #4 solid copper wire and shaped to support the upper leg, and bent to give the foot support.

We re-applied Hemp-EaZe and re-wrapped it 3 times a day. Outside of being held through the process, she was bouncing and running like nothing had happened and ...within two weeks she is completely healed. Awesome! Hemp-EaZe, healing at the ROOT of the problem.

She's now over three year's old and been a complete delight to us, but a long time ago Bill and I decided that she was sentfor our lonely cat 'Itchy' to bring back his spirit after he lost his companion.

At first he was reluctant to her cute little antics. But she kept bugging him and now he runs and plays, loves to play chase, he no longer acts like an old man, his spirit has returned. This gift of the Hemp-EaZe formula has presented many wonders.............

Texting Thumb and RSI injuries Helped With Hemp-EaZe

Posted by Shelley Furgason on September 24, 2012 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (1)

There always seems to be a new desease every time we turn around, or is this new?


Texting, Thumb and Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)

The proliferation and use of PDAs (wireless personal digital assistants) such as Blackberries, and the significant increase in time spent at computer keyboards or engaging in video gaming has created a whole new generation of people of all ages experiencing hand and finger injury, pain and discomfort.

More and more, people* are depending on these devices to stay in touch with friends and family. However, an increasing number are beginning to pay the price for such ready access to the world.

Popularly called “Blackberry Thumb”, or “teen texting tendonitis,” this Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) occurs because these devices rely almost solely on the use of your thumbs (not all of your fingers) for typing.

Any device that relies on the thumbs for typing can cause this type of injury because the thumbs simply weren’t designed for such use. Additionally, there are also other stress injuries reported — wrist, forearm, shoulder, upper back and neck — as a result of constant texting.

It is estimated that teenagers sending and receiving an average of 80 text messages each day may be vulnerable to repetitive stress injuries of the thumb. As with “Blackberry Thumb”, compulsive texting can cause cramping, pain or numbness, no matter one’s age.

Note: To better understand the role texting plays in a typical teens life (not to deny many Musicians* and adults as well), look at these statistics: 

- Cells are selling:  About 75 percent of 12-17 year-olds in America now own a cell phone.  

- Non-verbal communication:  Half of those teenagers send 50 or more text messages a day.

- Text time:  One-third of teens send more than 100 text messages daily.  

- Text tops talk:  Two-thirds of texters say they are more likely to use their cell phones to text their friends rather than talk to them.  

- The changing face of friendship:  More than half – 54 percent – of teens say they text their friends at least once a day, but only 33 percent talk to friends face-to-face daily.  

- The electric life:  Americans between ages eight and 18 spend an average of seven and a half hours a day using an electronic device, be it a computer, smart phone, or television.*

Margot Miller, president of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Occupational Health Special Interest Group, states:

“Because the keyboard of the PDA is so small, and because the thumb, which is the least dexterous part of the hand, is overtaxed, the risk of injury just skyrockets.”

Let’s look more closely at the effects sustained levels of texting have on the hands and thumb.

Symptoms of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) Related to PDAs
Although this can happen to an individual who is an infrequent user of aspirin or NSAIDs, it is of a much greater concern in frequent users, and those consuming higher dosages of these medications.
 Use Hemp-EaZe instead      

There is a significant amount of observational information, from both medical practitioners and users, about the effects of Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter Balm on many of the conditions associated with RSI.

The herbs listed in the Hemp-EaZe formula have been used for thousands of years, andare listed as the most important herbs used in Chinese medicine.


It is speculated that Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter Balm reduces swelling eases pain, and rejuvenates the circulation improving the production of synovial fluid and thus lubrication between cartilage-capped joints (knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, fingers, etc).

This synovial fluid is slippery and somewhat viscous (it’s been described as “egglike”;) and provides the lubrication so that the ever- moving joints do so freely and don’t abrade or wear at each other.

  • Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) is a collective term for syndromes characterized by discomfort, impairment and loss of muscle strength and function. It is pain that comes from repetitive movement in a way that your body isn’t really designed to do.

  •  Some examples are:
  • Bad posture while sitting at desk
  • Repetitions in a sport, typing, on a cell phone, or other handheld and hand-manipulated device
  • Long period spent doing the same movement Tendonitis (including Blackberry Thumb) is inflammation or irritation of a tendon (fibrous chords that attach muscle to bone) usually caused by overuse or repetitive action. Symptoms of “Blackberry thumb” include pain and numbness in the thumbs and joints of the hand.
  • But there are also other bodily symptoms:
  • Pain and numbness at the base of the thumb
  • Tingling and numbness in hand, including joints
  • Pain in elbow
  • Shoulder, neck pain during computer use
  • Tired, achy fingers

  • Two Commons RSIs Affecting the Hand Carpal Tunnel Syndrome –
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition where there is excessive pressure on the median nerve. 
  • This can be caused by swelling and/or thickening of the transverse carpal ligament, which forms the roof of the carpal tunnel located in the wrist. 
  • Overuse and repetitive motions can often cause symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome including pain, numbness or tingling in the thumb, index, middle and part of the ring finger.

  • De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis –

  • De Quervain’s tenosynovitis is a repetitive strain injury that causes pain at the wrist and forearm just above the thumb.
  • Repetitive hand and thumb motions can lead to inflammation which hampers the smooth gliding action of the tendons. Initially, symptoms may consist of soreness in the forearm near the thumb. If left untreated, pain may spread up the forearm or into the wrist and thumb.

  • A third outcome of an RSI may follow on its heals if treatment is not sought: Thumb (CMC Joint) Arthritis. This is the most common location for arthritis in the hand due to wear and tear using the thumb.

  • There is no cure for arthritis but there is treatment falling into three categories:
  • no treatment, conservative, and surgery (last resort). Before surgery is considered, conservative treatment is attempted which is aimed at alleviating the symptoms of arthritis.

  • This consists of use of a splint, possible anti-inflammatory medications, possible icing, physical therapy,and occasionally a cortisone injection which usually gives good but temporary relief. But has been linked to cancer.
What is the best choice?

  • The Best alternative is the use of Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter.

  • Sensible Advice on Prevention of RSI Caused by Texting
  • You should always take measures to avoid any possible damage that might result from overstressing the hands, fingers or thumb. If you feel any pain or tingling, make some changes in your work, play and texting habits.

  • The following tips are helpful:
  • If texting starts to hurt. Stop. Use the other hand or call instead
  • Vary the hand you use
  • Vary the digits you use
  • Don’t text for more than a few minutes without a break.
  • Try these exercises. Obviously, stop if you feel any pain, otherwise you can do more harm than good.

  • Tap each finger with the thumb of the same hand. Repeat 5 times (5x)
  • Pull your thumb firmly with the other hand. Repeat 5x
  • Wrap an elastic band around the tips of fingers and thumb and open your hand against the resistance. Repeat 20x
  • Palms down, wrap an elastic band around each thumb and force apart. Repeat 20x
  • Tap the palm and back of your hand on your thigh as quickly as you can. Repeat 20x 
  • Massage thumb web, back of forearm and front of forearm. 2 minutes. Apply Hemp-EaZe Often.
  • Press and rub in a circular motion the painful nodules in those muscles. 30 seconds for each nodule.
  • Reach up high with both arms and shake your hands.
  • Reach down low with both arms and shake. Repeat 3x.
  • Arms at 45 degrees squeeze them behind you.
  • If it still hurts after a week of doing exercises Apply Hemp-EaZe Rubbing in a good 15 seconds and wrap an ice pack on sore hand and arm parts.
  • Do not put ice directly on the skin but wrap in a thin cloth or piece of kitchen roll. 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off. Repeat 3x

  • How Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter Balm Aids in Healing Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)

  • Treatment of RSI is commonly focused on relieving pain (analgesic), lowering fever (antipyretic), and reducing inflammation (anti-inflammatory) of the affected area.

  •  Known as NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), the most prominent members of this group of non-narcotic drugs are aspirin (pain relief), ibuprofen (fever reduction), and naproxen (anti-inflammatory) partly because they are available over-the-counter in many areas.
  • Prescriptive drugs are also available as is the use of corticosteroids. Unfortunately, aspirin and other NSAIDs have been found to cause damage to the lining (or mucosa) of the digestive tract primarily in the stomach and upper intestine. This damage can result in an ulcer or intestinal bleeding. 
  • Also aspirin and it's competatives contain a petroleum byproduct, which may inhibit the healing process.
  • A safe and Healthier Alternative, Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter Balm appears to resolve the sensation of friction, grinding, or clicking in joints. 


  In addition to merely lubricating the joints, Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter Balm softens the outer surface of the cartilage. 

  • The joint itself is held in place by tendons, which connect bones and muscles, and ligaments, that connect the bones to bones. 

  • Synovial joints exist interdependently with the muscles that surround them.  Not only do the joints respond to the will of the muscles, the muscles are also responsive to the goings on in the joints.
  •  Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter Balm
  • also helps restore pliancy to tendons and ligaments by supplying moisture to them if they are atrophied.  It is specifically indicated for tendonitis and other repetitive motion injuries.
  • EFFECT ON INFLAMMATION The allantoin in Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter Balm acts as an anti-inflammatory that is good not only for joints. It soothes irritated or damaged tissues and reduces general inflammation.
  • The value of Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter Balm cannot be underestimated in those instances where NSAIDs (specifically aspirin) damage the lining (or mucosa) of the digestive tract primarily in the stomach and upper intestine. This damage can result in an ulcer or intestinal bleeding.
  • EFFECT ON SOFT CONNECTIVE TISSUES The fascinating observation about Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter Balm effectiveness is that the quality of repair to injured tissue leaves little or no trace/evidence of scar tissue. The soft connective tissues surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments that are damaged/injured often results in inflammation, swelling and edema.
  • In the case of broken bones, for example, soft connective tissues may still be out of balance with the surrounding tissues of joints, even after surgery or restoration. These types of problems are usually the result of excessive out-of-balance tensions on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This causes unnatural pressures and therefore bony overgrowth into the joint spaces and surrounding tissues.
  • Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter Balm
  • appears to “read” and correct these tension inbalances, thereby allowing the body to re-absorb the bone spurs. 
    Not only does Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter Balm help to calcify and strengthen broken and normal bones, but it also decalcifies unhealthy deposits of Osteoarthritis in the joint spaces.
  • For those with Thumb (CMC Joint) Arthritis, Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter Balm may be of significant value.
* These conditions are not limited to Texters alone!
Others may be affected as well; Musicians, Quilters, Jewerly Makers, Glass Blowers, Knitters, Trimmers, handcrafters, Etc. anyone who uses their hands in a repetative motion may suffer with RSI
  • Significant improvement has been experienced when soaking in Hemp-EaZe Embrace Bath Tea.



Celebrating 15 years Since the discovery of the Healing Benefits Of Hemp Root and a life time to get there

Posted by Darcy Stoddard on July 3, 2012 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello I am Darcy Stoddard,


The founder of Tierra Sol Farm and creator of Hemp-EaZe products.


It has been an interesting journey that our generation has taken that has BOUND us together.


As a member of the baby boomer generation, I was raised on Tang and T.V. dinners.


It was a time of modern science; of bomb shelters, Iron lungs and thalidomide babies.


Our crops were blanketed with DDT, our foods were laced with Red Die#4 and preservatives.


Yes back in the 60’s, where asbestos leaked freely, our toys, paint and gas contained lead.


And Wonder Bread was an American Staple.


We grew up in a hot political climate; We SAW The vast reduction of farm lands,


LIVED with clean water and, clean air issues, Industrial and environmental disasters,


Creating a strong desire to unite to try to save Mother Earth.


I have always felt akin to the Mother;


Growing up, I spent all my spare time in nature; surfing, hiking, exploring and learning about the beauty of our Earth.


As a teen, I befriended college students and artists. Attracted to forward thinkers,


who taught me the value of living consciously and eating organic foods.


I participated in community efforts for Urban Improvements,


such as; Community gardens, Beach Cleanups and promoting recycling.


At the same time, the news of botulism in our canned foods, The Tylenol scare and legionaries disease, enlightened many, on the need to eat fresh organic foods and find safer alternative medicines.


Growing my own foods and learning about medicinal herbs became compelling, as many of our generation realized that we needed to lay down the foundations at the forefront of the back-to-the-land-movement.


I learned to grow and use medicinal herbs, that I’d grew in pots on my Apt. windowsill.


started composting in a coffee can, reading 'Back To Edan', and dreaming of getting out of the city and to be more self sufficient. 'Mother Earth' Magazine was my bible.


When I moved to Ventura, in my 20’s. I realized that even though we were living in an agricultural salad bowl, there weren’t any fresh organic vegetables or herbs available in the area.


Friends and I began a small collective and ordered organic foods and herbs wholesale.


Within the first year, we outgrew our garage. Realizing that the desire for organic foods was enormous, we formed a grassroots co-op. Sespe Co-op was born.


I moved to Chico in1980, following my best friend . I fell in love with the community spirit that's unique to this area


I’ve raised my children here, with the many opportunities this wonderful area has to offer.


My husband and I founded Tierra Sol Farm 22 years ago,


We are Earth-centered, by growing organic botanicals for our food and herbal healing, with a mindfulness toward sustainability.


We believe strongly in sustainability of medicinal herbal medicines, as an alternate to Western chemically induced treatments that are often very harsh and oft times impede the body's own natural ability to heal itself.


As a wife and mother of three children, I learned how to treat personal injuries and gained experience with the healing properties of many medicinal herbs.


Besides studying the published texts, I learned under the guidance of an ayurvedic healer and researched ancient traditions.


Through my experiences, I have discovered the little known healing benefits of hemp root.


I was first introduced to the healing benefits of hemp root healing 15 years ago, when in one quick fall I; dislocated my ankle, shattered 3" of leg bone,shredded my tendons and severed the nerves.


Yet a year after surgery, my ankle was still swollen, I was in constant pain, Couldn't walk for more than five minutes and my foot was still numb.



The doctor's only suggestion was that "I should get use to using a cane" and to take cortisone shots for the swelling!


This concerned me, since cortisone has been linked to cancer.


Like many in the world today, I had lost my confidence in modern medicine.


In my travels, I have met many, who suffer from the wrong diagnosis and harmful medications.


Many who have suffered long enough, are reaching out for more traditional Earth bound based medicines and are drawn to find alternative ways to heal and prevent illness. And I am one of many.


Now With over 40 years experience, working with MANY healing herbs and using them to make salves and teas formy family's minor aches and pains. All from the herbs that I have grown in my garden. I was motivated into researching the right herbs that would heal my injuries.


And I started with some tried and true herbs like comfrey.


Comfrey works well for muscle rebuilding and strengthening. mending wounds and broken bones.


I chose BURDOCK This herb is used traditionally for various skin problems, including, bruising, rash, and also burns.


I added HYSSOP: prescribed for the relief of muscular aches, pains and rheumatism.


SAGE has always been another first choice for me, for it is also a powerful herb for soothing muscles.


LAVENDER: has become a very popular for it's variety of healing purposes, proven as a remedy for cuts, bruises, and aches.


Then I added LOBELIA: This herb, easing inflammation and fever to the skin. It is excellent for rheumatism as well as abscesses and boils.


CALIFORNIA BAY is used to relieve pain, as well as rheumatism and easing muscles too.


Another choice was MYRRH GUM:Myrrh Gum is a common ingredient in ointments for most any sore on the body, and is very antiseptic.


While continuing to formulate a cream that I could massage in, I spoke with Bonnie Metcalf, who was the owner/operator of the Yuba County Cannabis Coalition.


She asked if I had ever tried using the root. She said she read that the root reduces swelling and ease pain.


I was intrigued.


But Looking for information, I became aware that, although the stem, flower, seeds, and leaves have received an enormous amount of attention, Almost nothing, so far, had been published about the medicinal use of the roots!


Much of the information that I did find, was a casual mention in Ancient History.


I read where, Hemp root has anti-inflammatory painkilling agents, providing relief for arthritis and easing swelling in painful joints. And did not contain THC.


so I thought I’d give it a try and added the hemp root, making a 9 herbs formula.


I was amazed.The cream started soothing me right away, simply from a topical skin application.


After a mere two months, my swelling was completely gone and the pain was less frequent.


Within 6 months, I had gained full movement of my ankle, I had feeling down to my toes, and the nerve pain was gone!


My family and friends were so amazed at my recovery that they wanted to try the cream too.


People started reporting a feeling of relief from Arthritis, sore muscles, eczema and rosacea.


They encouraged their friends and family to try it. Every one encouraged me to put it on the market.


But I wanted to be sure that these experiences were solid,and not just occasional happenings.


So I began a series of test market studies, for three years, with volunteers from across the country.


We offered it to Arthritis suffers, chemo patients, people with old injuries and new.


Volunteers reported that our cream relieved; painful scare tissue,sprains, broken toes, psoriasis and fibromyalgia.


It healed infected tattoos, eased restless leg syndrome and more.


It was after all this testing that we finally decided to name the now famous cream, Hemp-EaZe, for healing at the root of the problem.


During my research, I discovered some concerning information. Unlike the strict guidelines for foods to qualify to be listed as “organic” I found that personal care products don’t have any organic standards.


I discovered that; The main ingredient in many personal care products is water(with a little herb extract dissolved in it, like a weak tea)


and manufacturers often count the weight of water in their organic claims. Where ORGANIC food manufacturers cannot count water towards their percentages.


This herbal “tea” is sometimes listed on labels as hydrosol,


Refers to water that has been used to extract essential oils FOR ANOTHER USE!


So the hint of rosemary, for instance, is actually the water that was used to rinse off the herb and added to make the product seem organic, some times calling it an essence!


Consumer advocates say,when it comes to cosmetics and personal care products, “Organic” means whatever manufacturers say it does.


Products made using petroleum-derived and other synthetic or chemical ingredients, and alcohol, prohibited in organic foods,


can be found among the organic shampoos and lotions made by; Avalon,Nature's Gate, Jason Natural Cosmetics, Kiss My Face and other brands.


Just reading the list; Zinc gluconate, methyl propyl paraben, olefin sulfonate, steareth-2,


You have got to ask yourself. What are these doing in a product that's called organic?


The Natural Marketing Institute estimated that personal care products for this broader group accounted for $2.8 billion last year.


This shows how many people are being duped into thinking they are buying a pure product!


Our largest breathing organ is our skin.


The skin, scalp, and hair are remarkably efficient at absorbing toxins and carcinogens.


In fact, some toxins can do more harm absorbed through the skin than through the digestive system, because they lodge directly in fat cells, bypassing the liver.


These are not things to be taken lightly.


I decided to make Our Hemp-EaZe products unique from all the rest,


by using certified organic food standard guidelines when preparing our product, to be sure no chemicals or toxins are in our formula.


When we produce Hemp-EaZe, we also follow the old traditions with the lunar cycles as well


when planting, harvesting, preparing, and bottling our product to help ensure excellent quality.


Our Hemp-EaZe’s formula consists of 9 herb,including Hemp Root.


Though it has been confused with its counterpart, The ROOT is not the same.


In June 2008,I was contacted by Miss Blair Van Pelt, a research student at the University of Idaho.



Blair told me that two years previous, while her doctor was testing hemp root, she saw positive results while using hemp root to treat staph infection! 

She requested to use Hemp-EaZe in her research, stating that Hemp-EaZe was the only product she had found that contained Hemp Root.


When the study concluded, the exciting news was that we were assured there was no THC in the root. Giving us more freedom to continue our research.


Besides helping many across the U.S. and Canada We’ve conducted an eczema study with the staff in a South African Hospital, healing eczema within weeks.


In Australia, Hemp-EaZe has gained popularity and also gotten into the political forefront, where the Assistant to the speaker of the house of the Australian Legislative Assemble proudly displays her jar of Hemp-EaZe on her office desk after finding relief for her swollen knees.



Our proprietary blend rejuvenates circulation, promotes cellular growth and encourages deep tissue healing.


It is formulated for the relief of sore muscles and bone aches by reducing swelling and relieving pain which enables the healing process to begin.


Currently,we are working with Chico Holistic health Center. They work with neuropathy patients and diabetics.



They apply Hemp-EaZe in their treatments, because of it’s success to reducing edema, breaking up the bruising and rejuvenating the circulation.


Recently,a new patient came in to the clinic. His doctor told him that the next step for his severely ulcerated feet was amputation. Feeling he had nothing to lose, he obliged to give the Holistic Center a try.


Within three weeks of treatments, his ulcers were gone. This was due to a combination of electrolytes and regular applications of Hemp-EaZe. Healing at the ROOT of the Problem!


Another success story is from one of our devoted customers, Carol. She cares for RAY, an 87 year old Chico man . Ray suffers from neuropathy and poor circulation and has been wheelchair bond for a couple of years. His legs had ulcers that would never heal and already lost a toe due to staph.


After a little coaxing,Ray let Carol apply Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream to his legs and feet.


Within3 days of regular application,his skin went from pale-bluish and scaly, to pink and smooth .


Ray also noticed he could ‘feel’ his thighs and the skin began to feel sensitivity and warm.


he was encouraged to keep working with the herbal cream.


By the 5th day Ray was reported to be grinning from ear to ear with new hope, as he felt his legs waking up.


His skin was much healthier, his sores were healing. And he requested to have his canes by his bedside.


By the 10th day Ray’s muscles were becoming alive again and he began to have movement!


This wonderful testimony keeps going, for at present Ray now steadily walks with a walker and enjoys the outdoors again.



Let me share another success story that happened this passed year, its a testimony from Jessica.


She suffers from an immune deficiency and years of antibiotics that were failing.


Her lymph nodes were painfully swollen with toxins.


So she tried the Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream, applying it 3 x’s a day and noticed improvement within days .


Next time she saw her doctor, he was amazed, for upon his examination he found that the toxins were completely out of her body and her lymph nodes were normal.


People are contacting me daily,sharing their experiences with Hemp-EaZe relief from, blood drawn pain,to expressed relief with MS Discomfort!


Demand, has inspired the creation of 8 Hemp-EaZe products now, for soothing the whole family including your pets. http://www.tierrasolfarm.com/


We invite you to use Hemp-EaZe products with confidence, knowing your chemical free


As an organic farmer, We,celebrate and respect the beauty, balance,and diversity of the natural world.


There is an opportunity to experience the bonds between ALL things in nature.


The awareness that the same life-force that moves through the comfrey,


the bear, and the oak, is the same life-force that moves through us, is what deepens our respect for nature.


and believe that this energy flows through in all that we do.


And Because of an accident, I have begun this remarkable journey of healing and helping others, to understand what the medicinal herbs and hemp root truly have to offer. and we barely scratched the surface of understanding the root’s healing capabilities .


It has shown us it’s power to save people from amputation and many ailments!


We NEED to reinstate the lowly little root back to it’s formidable position, as primary healing herb


........and I am leading the way!







We are Celebrating The 15th Year Since The Creation Of Hemp-EaZe

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It’s been 15 Years Since Creating the Hemp-EaZe formula.


We have indeed come a long way from the little batch of hemp root cream that I made for myself and family, to a growing herbal body care business on our little farm in Northern California.

We're Celebrating all the month of July




 we will invite you to participate into our weekly  new product preview and sales.

you’ll have a opportunity to catch the sales early and to view our new products before they go public.


In honor of this momentous event we introduce,

The New Hemp-EaZe’s Lip Balm!

Created by popular demand, Our New Hemp-EaZe Lip Balm is different from ALL the rest.

It doesn’t just lay on the lips sufficating them, it is formulated to ‘Heal’, by feeding the lips to keep them healthy.

Hemp root, hyssop, sage, honey, Olive and Hemp seed oils.

Hemp-EaZe Lip Balm is healing, stimulating, antiseptic, and with omegas 3, 6, & 9,

Hemp-EaZe Lip Balm quickly quenches chapped lips, soothes and brings them back to health.

100% natural, soy and paraben and petroleum free.


We’ll be giving a free lip balm with every Hemp-EaZe product order until the end of July, for you to test yourself.


These fifteen years, Hemp-EaZe, the innovator in hemp root healing, has become the first choice when choosing alternative medicines.

Hemp-EaZe is now a multinational traveler, helping numerous people all over the world, we reach out our hands to celebrate this success by honoring all our customers, who helped to make this feat possible.


Watch for our weekly specials throughout the month

Hemp-EaZe for Aging Skin or The Great Hemp-EaZe Facial Test

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My dear friend, Barbi and I where sitting around just chatting, when Barbi said, "Wouldn't it be great if Hemp-EaZe was the NEW miracle wrinkle cream?" Hemp-EaZe as a beauty aid?....hmmm, I pondered.     

All these years of researching into the healing benefits of the Hemp-EaZe formula, I've been focused on the medicinal, so it didn't occur to me to consider it as a beauty aid.

 "Well", I offered, "It does reduce swelling and rejuevenates the circulation. Hemp-EaZe cools down hot and red skin and eases Rosacea." But just then many happy Hemp-EaZe user comments came into mind." In Fact my neighbor uses the Therapy cream under her eyes to rid the puffiness!" I shared excitedly. Then I remembered more. " I was told by one regular customer that the cream helped grow her eye lashes longer!"

I continued, "Also we've had testimony on how well the Therapy cream has purged toxins from the skin, leaving the skin smooth and healthy."

Barbi jumped up with a plan. "Let's do a facial test!" she suggested. " Let's test the cream on one side of our face, the side we write with, Let's do a 14 day test!" then she added, "we'll take some before and after pictures, same time of day, so they're won't be any shadows."  We planned to apply the cream morning and night.

I agreed and The Great Hemp-EaZe Facial Test Began!

First thing I was concerned with was the creams consistancy. I formulated it to be massaged in deeply so it's heavier than most facial creams. But as I rubbed it in my body temperature softened it and it absorbed nicely. There was a sheen to my skin that faded within 10 minutes leaving no residue. within days I noticed that my skin was pink and lively. By the 10th day I was amazed, you COULD see a difference! The results below.....


Here is a 'Before' shot                                10 days, lid tighter                             14 days! definate improvement!

you can see how the lid                           wrinkles less deep

hangs and wrinkle depth


'Before'                                                  10 days                                 14 days  treated side----- untreated

     look how the lines are faded

on treated side!

Is Hemp-EaZe the new miracle cream? Why not Try the GREAT HEMP-EaZe FACIAL TEST and see.

Please share the results, we'd love to here from you.

A Wonderful Day At The Healing Arts Festival and Psychic Fair

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I want to thank all of you for stopping by our booth at yesterday’s Healing Art Festival and psychic fair.

We participated in a community event that  presented different healing, alternative, integrative and holistic modalities under one roof!

astrology ~ acupuncture ~ feng shui ~ hypnotherapy ~ psychic readings ~ massage ~ tarot ~ crystals ~ reiki

herbs ~ gifts ~ bowen therapy ~ free lectures ~

it was a chance To bring medical and alternative practitioners and products together, providing a thoroughly comprehensive event for the community. Having  a unique opportunity to learn about therapies first hand was fantastic for helping to understand the many wise choices about our health involving your Mind, Body and Spirit.

 As one of the Healing Arts Vendors, we had an opportunity to share about the healing benefits of Hemp-EaZe and all the medicinal herbs in this hemp root body care therapy.

We spoke to one person suffering from gout. We shared that in the 17th century Hemp ROOT was listed as an herb to treat gout. I also shared the testimony from one of our Facebook friends who has shared her experiences where Hemp-EaZe helped to expel her infections, because Hemp root studies have shown that it kills staph infections and MRSA.

I always offer a little sample of our therapy cream to each patron that stopped by our table. While they massage their sample in to their skin, I share with them my experiences in developing our product. One lady returned five minutes later and told me, “ By the way, while you were speaking, I rubbed it into my back, It really hurt, and now I don’t feel a thing!”

A couple stopped by, the gentleman has had an annoyingly itching rash on his leg. He said he’s tried the potato, to dry up the rash and cucumber for the itching. He said if the cream sample worked better than those vegetables, he would buy a jar. 15 minutes later, he walked away, as another proud owner of a jar of Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream.

My old friend Mike came to visit, he has been a faithful user of Hemp-EaZe since 1998. Mike suffers from a inoperable tumor on the spine, he shared that if it wasn’t for Hemp-EaZe he could get up in the morning. Plus he has used the cream on his daughters' diaper rash and with staph infection and told me Hemp-EaZe was the only thing that worked.

One lady was surprised at how fast The Therapy Cream worked for her neck pain.

I also had an opportunity to help a women with a headache. I encouraged her to rub it on her temples.

All-in-all it was a good day. I always get excited when I can share about all the people that have had relief from Hemp-EaZe.And teach new people about the healing benefits of Hemp-EaZe healing.

The Next Healing Arts festival will be in April. See you there!


On The Road To The Seattle Hempfest!

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   Silence. Just a faint buzz and a few chirps from a Robin this morning. Even the wind has stilled momentarily, giving me an opportunity to exhale a deep breath. Feeling like I had been holding it for months, ah.

In just three days, Bill and I will embark on an exciting adventure! We are going to have a booth at the World Famous Seattle Hempfest! 1 1/4 mile long, 400 vendors, 100,000 people a day, full-blown Hemp Fest! Wow! It's the biggest event that we've ever been to. I am thrilled and terrified at the same time.

676 miles doesn't seem far away from our home in the forest of the Western Sloop of the Sierra Mountain Range to the metropolis of the Pacific North West,. Yet it has taken me several years to finally reach the point of going.

Bill and I are a humble pair, living in a little 'A' framed cabin in the woods. We are almost into senior-hood, making a modest living from the odds jobs we've gotten around our community.  When I developed Hemp-EaZe, we would do trades to share with other local farmers for food and root. Slowly we have grown from there.  We'd joke about going to the Seattle HempFest some day.

Then, an energy began to build. It started with  FaceBook where I met Bemaself who, in a quick chat invited to  interview me on her blogtalk radio show. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nbp. I surprised myself with the exuberance of my testimonies and knowledge of which I shared about herbs and cannabis root.


It was my first touch with Seattle and I was introduced to Stephany Bishop on the show, both these gals are connected with the Hempfest. This was exciting!! We became instant friends. I really wanted to go right then, where I had a whole new family waiting for me! Bill had to stand by at the base phone to reset it a few times but we had a great interview and I was invited back.

Then I was blessed with a huge gift! Shelley Furgason, a graphic designer. She single-handedly transformed Hemp-EaZe out of obscurity. Shelley has worked tirelessly to develop this very website. Her design for the Hemp-EaZe Logo, labels and brochure are works of art, and has given Hemp-EaZe the recognition it has needed. 

Now that we look professional and more people are recognising the Hemp-EaZe brand and more people are realizing how much the formula helps, Seattle began getting closer.

The first thing we needed was a reliable car that would climb the steep grades up to Washington State. We worked to save, but just couldn't get enough together without having something to trade too.

Bill had an old flat fender Willys jeep he'd been working on for years. He called it a sleeper because it had a racing motor in it. Lots of fun around these mountains. But we had it for sale on-line for two years with-out a bite. We blame the economy. Then, this Spring a Man from the North Coast offered a sweet trade and we got a beautiful and clean Ford Bronco, with a strong engine and the opportunity to go became clearer!

Then I was surprised when my oldest best friend, donated some money to the cause! I took my old rickety pop-up tent and fixed it up. Bought material for booth walls and hand-stenciled The Hemp-EaZe Logo on each one. Shelley designed a great banner, that looks terrific, and we got matching table cloths. So we look all clean and professional. 

We've really lucked our with people to help with the event too! Three great gals have volunteered to join us in this exciting adventure! Carey, Amber and Cori. They were all great when 'applying' for the positions, each one I liked from the start, they're down to earth, they already knew all about Hemp-EaZe and each has vended, and have people experience. Though we haven't met yet, we all clicked and I look forward to working with them

Through the Summer our customer base has improved and we also picked up a few new stores too. I have saved from each sales and, as I can, have kept advancing. We have new brochures, and new labels too. And I have increased our inventory, so we can fill sales and at the same time build up for the Hempfest. My biggest question is, how much should I bring, so I made a little more, and then more again...hmmm Now the question is, how do we get it ALL in the car, with booth, etc? well....we'll have these three days left to figure it out, LOL.

Our first stop will be in Ashland,Oregon, we love the quaintness and the Lithia Park is pleasant. Never have stayed there or seen a show, but for our budget we can make it just as pleasant. We'll spend the night camping at the Rogue River. I just love that river! Just something so peaceful about it's natural wildness.

The next day we'll sight-see along Hwy 5 on the way to meet our old friends Jamie and Corin, for happy hour at a pub in Portland. We'll stay in Portland for 2 days and then head up to Washington where we plan to meet our crew for lunch and to plan our strategies about parking etc. for the big week-end.

Then, THE SEATTLE HEMPFEST!!  Yippie, I can't wait to meet with all our Hemp-eaZe fans and show others about the healing benefits of Hemp-Eaze. I look forward to all the networking with all the great ones that have diligently pushed forward in the movement. I hope to meet with store keepers and Co-op and club owners who can see Hemp-EaZes' potentials! And Fun, Fun!!

I think we may plan to take the long way home, stopping to camp in a rain forest or two. Maybe go to rainbow falls for a couple of days, and be lazy, making a vacation. I'll savor every moment.

For, when we get home, they'll be work to do, more Hemp-EaZe to make, and grapes and apples to put up, and you know what they say..........there's no place like home, So I'll breath it all in today.