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Happy Birthday Hemp-EaZe

Posted by Shelley Furgason on July 14, 2011 at 1:39 PM

Wow, it's been 14 years to the day, since the creation of Hemp-EaZe. The rediscovery of the healing benefits of hemp root! 

While formulating a cream that I could massage in, I spoke with Bonnie Metcalf, who was the owner/operator of the Yuba County Cannabis Coalition. She asked if I had ever tried using cannabis root. She said she read that cannabis root reduces swelling and ease pain.

I was intrigued. Looking for information, I became aware that, although the stem, flower, seeds, and leaves have received an enormous amount of attention, Almost nothing, so far, had been published about the roots! Much of the information that I did find, was a casual mention in Ancient History. For example, I found that some appalachian remedies for arthritis and pain, included hemp root.

so I thought I’d give it a try and added the hemp root, making a 9 herbs formula. Bonnie supplied the root in a trade to receive an equal portion of the concoction. 

I was careful with my preparations, applying different methods to each set of herbs so that I may capture the most healing properties possible without damaging the cells. Then blending all the materials together and triple filtered the liquids.

By the last filtering it was very late and I was turning off the lights to go to bed. But I forgot I had the oven door open and smashed my shin in it, hard! I hopped around the room and moaned and groaned. I saw a big purplish bump rising quickly. I tried to put ice on it, but that hurt worse. Almost in tears, I looked over at the new hemp root potion, the dark green liquid dripping through the filter and thought  I'd try a little to see what it would do.

Poking my finger under the funnel I took a few drops and gently patted the sore shin and moaning like a baby, added a few more drops and gently rubbed the bump with my finger. It felt soothing. So I went to bed.

The next morning I was astonished! Not only was there NO bump, but also NO bruise! I pressed my fingers in the area and it didn't hurt! All there was, was a tiny pinkish dot, and that was all! This stuff showed a lot of promise as a healing formula, I was excited. I shared the news with Bonnie and happily made a few jars of the green cream and split it with her. Bonnie has degenerative bone disease, a tough one to handle. Yet she experienced lots of nerve pain relief with the cream.

I was amazed. The cream started soothing me right away, simply from a topical skin application. After a mere two months, my swelling was gone and the pain was less frequent. Within a year, I had gained full movement of my ankle, I had feeling down to my toes, and the nerve pain was gone!

My family and friends were so amazed at my recovery that they wanted to try the cream too. People started reporting a feeling of relief from Arthritis and sore muscles, eczema and rosacea. And they encouraged friends and family to try it. Everyone encouraged me to put it on the market.

But I wanted to be sure that these experiences were solid, and not just occasional happenings. So I began a series of test marketing for three years, with volunteers from across the country. We offered it to Arthritis suffers, chemo patients, people with old injuries and new. They reported that our cream relieved; painful scare tissue, sprains, broken toes, psoriasis and fibromyalgia. It healed infected tattoos, restless leg syndrome and more. At one point, I was told that the cream healed diaper rash in an hour!

It was after all this testing that we finally decided to name the famous cream, Hemp-EaZe, for healing at the root of the problem. 

It's been wonderful having Hemp-EaZe in my life. I've almost given up on using anything else. Not only for me but for many people worldwide Hemp-EaZe has become the first choice in alternative medicine.

Happy 14th Birthday Hemp-EaZe!

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