Hemp-EaZe Like no other Herbal Therapy Cream

The organic ingredients are growing in peaceful, calming gardens. We don't use any chemicals or toxins, and we don't have unhappy customers. 

Tierra Sol Farm carefully prepares Hemp-Eaze™  handcrafted formula to the highest organic standards respecting each ingredient so not to harm the healing properties. It  presents itself as a serious medicinal organic product.


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In the production of Hemp-Eaze™  we follow the lunar cycles, when gathering, preparing, and bottling the product, to ensure excellent quality. The proprietary blend rejuvenates circulation, promotes cellular growth and encourages deep tissue healing. It is formulated to relieve sore muscles and bone aches by reducing swelling and relieving pain, which enables the healing of sprains, arthritic joints and joint pain. of herbs for this preparation are designed to help eliminate bruising and mend wounds by reducing damaged blood vessels.

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Hemp-Eaze™ has nine healing herb Formula.
Our Natural Ingredients 







HEMP ROOT Cannabis Sativa
Medicinal use of Hemp Root originated in Central Asia and was cultivated in China as early as 2,800 B.C. The first recordings attributing to the healing powers of Hemp root was by Chinese pharmacopoeia. Around 2,000 B.C., Ancient Egypt gave the world one of it’s first medical texts,  The Ebers Papyrus. It contains some 800 recipes and refers to hemp root remedies several times. In  Medieval Europe physicians prescribed the root to alleviate the agonies of gout and other painful diseases. The root was also made into an oiled salve for burns. Warmed oiled root paste was massaged into sore muscles and used for arthritis, easing swelling and painful joints. Among the vast array of useful native American plants is hemp. Listed for it’s ability to ease pain reduce swelling and soothe a variety of disorders. Although the root has no THC, it has locked in the healing elements,such as cannabisativine, glycoside, fatty acids, terpenoids, etc., that have proven to be a great anti-inflammatory painkilling agent with deep penetration. Our organic Hemp Root is grown locally.
more info about ROOT

Used externally for over  2,000 years. Comfrey contains Allantoin which increases cell growth. Placing Comfrey high on the list of popular and effective remedies. It’s principle use has been for mending wounds and broken bones. The name ‘Comfrey’ means, ‘to firm and strengthen’. Culpepper, the 16Th. Century  English Herbalist who’s published herbals are still used today, highly acclaimed Comfrey saying, “ So powerful to consolidate and knit together” Comfrey has been seen to have an effect on cuts, bruises, skin ulcers, boils, hemorrhoids, sprains and fractures. Our Comfrey is homegrown here on Tierra Sol Farm. more info

Both European and Chinese herbalists have long considered Burdock Roots lightly warming, and moisturizing effects to be valuable. It is used traditionally for various skin problems, including acne, ringworm, measles rash and burns. Our Burdock is locally grown organically.  More about Burdock

Herbalists in the 16Th and 17Th Centuries prescribed Hyssop in compress form to relieve muscular aches, pains and Rheumatism. It also has been used for healing minor cuts and bruises. Hyssop contains volatile oils that are mildly antiseptic and useful for topical applications. Our organic Hyssop is grown on Tierra Sol Farm.  more about Hyssop

Sage has enjoyed a high reputation as a health giver ever since antiquity. The learned 17Th Century diarist J. Evelyn wrote;  “Tis a plant indeed with so many properties.” Sage has been used externally for lotions and cleansing of wounds. Soothing sore muscles and as a nervine. which means: soothing the nerves. Historically, Native Americans used the leaves to stop bleeding.  Grown organically in our garden here on Tierra Sol Farm. More about Sage

This antiseptic herb became popular in Medieval Europe for a variety of healing purposes. A native of  Southern Europe, many French households kept a bottle of Lavender essence in their kitchens as a remedy against insect bites, cuts, bruises, and aches.
  Grown organically in our garden on Tierra Sol farm.  more info

In early days Cherokee and Iroquois used the cardinal flower as  a powerful relaxant, easing inflammation and fever. It is excellent for Rheumatism as well as abscesses and boils. Lobelia contains an alkaloid, Lobeline, thought to lessen the swelling of  blood vessel walls by reducing the heat.  Our Organic Lobelia is grown  Locally.   More about Lobelia


BAY  umbellularia californica*
It’s leaf symbolizes glory and honor. It was sacred to Apollo for the healing temples. Medicinally, California Bay has a gentle tonic effect. Considered warming and drying. Native Americans used leaves to relieve pain. Settlers used it for Rheumatism.        Our Bay is grown organically in the wild.  more about Bay

 MYRRH GUM Commiphora
An Ancient Biblical remedy which is still used today. It is valuable as an excellent tonic for Pyorrhea, a gum decease. It is also an antiseptic and very healing. It has been used as a remedy for ulcers, bedsores, and any sore of the body. Commonly used as an ointment. It is grown organically  in Arabia and eastern Africa. 

More about Myrrh


 A thickening agent of Bees Wax is added last. We choose bees wax that is rich in honey extracts. HONEY incredible antiseptic, antioxidant and cleansing properties for our body and health, beauty and skin care. Amazing healing properties as a head-to-toe remedy, from eye conjunctivitis to athlete foot. Its powerful healing attributes have long been used thousands of years ago and known to promote healing for cuts, cure ailments and diseases, and correct health disorders for generations after generations. Aids tissue healing but also helps reduce inflammation and scarring.

Honey is also a great natural moisturizer for dry and parched skin. A humectant, it is able to attract and retain moisture, and rebuild the moisture level in the skin without making it oily. Honey provides a calming effect without irritating the skin, and helps replenish necessary skin moisture, especially during the winter months. We buy our bees wax fresh, locally from our apiarist.

Additional Ingredients

OILS: The Tierra blend of herbs is infused with rich olive and soy oils for they are therapeutic, absorb well, and are soothing for rashes, acne, many skin ailments, and insect bites.

 FEVERFEW Tanacetum parthenium
Attributed for its anti-inflammatory effects Feverfew has been used traditionally to treat fever, headaches and arthritis effects and to remove skin sensitivity. Cools down hot and angry skin irritations, by reducing inflamed blood vessels. Great for treating Rosacea and Psoriasis, as well as diaper rash and other skin problems. We have added this fine herb to our Hemp-EaZe Body Care Lotion and
our Baby & Me Products.  skin care   Grown organically in our garden on Tierra Sol farm.  more info about Feverfew.

Our Hemp Root has been proven to be THC FREE.

Our Hemp-EaZe PET AID has the addition of Marjorum;
MARJORAM Lamiaceae
Containing anti-inflammatory properties, It alleviates aches and pains when used externally, aids in the reduction of toothaches, muscular pain, bruises, arthritis, sprains and stiff joints. Moreover, this quality herb helps relieve conjunctivitis, hot spots and itching. 
Grown organically in our garden on Tierra Sol farmmore info

 Our Hemp-EaZe Embrace Bath Tea has the addition of Lemonbalm.

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