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November 29, 2010

Tammy posted something on your Wall and wrote:

"Hi Darcy! Thank You so much for the sample of Hemp-Eaze!! It has stopped a muscle from hurting that has been driving me insane, OVER NIGHT!!! Thank You!!"

Bema wrote:
"You know, I don't know what my poor feet would do without Hemp Eaze! My Plantar Facitis is killing me, not to mention the blisters, but the hemp ease helps kill the inflammation and keep my feet moist but not sweaty. You rule Darcy! I've been sharing with everyone to! Including someone
who had a road rash injury!"

Hello again,
I just wanted to let you know that I got the sample you sent me and it was very much appreciated.I used it as well as my mother-in-law and my father-in-law. We will swear by this cream.It helped her arthritis when nothing else would,it also helped a spider bite I had,among several other things. Thank you for creating a wonderful and natural cream that helps in so many ways.We will be loyal customers and we have been spreading the word on your product and how wonderful it is. My mother-in-law bought the cream through the website after seeing the wonderful results. Thank you again for all you do. - Crystal Emfinger

Hi Darcy!
Portland is beautiful and has been very kind to us so far...hooray! Our pooch however, I think, is a little allergic to his new surroundings so I was very happy to see your Hemp-EaZe for pets; I'm hoping it will give him some extra relief. It's been a while since I've had my Hemp-EaZe too, so I'm looking forward to having it on hand again :) Thanks a bunch! ~Nic.E

Dear Darcy,  Hemp eaze is an amazing product!  I am still awed at the instant relief I get from my aches and pains.  Keep up the good work and I wish you great success in your efforts.  
Best regards, Ann Milligan

No Darcy, thank you. The therapy cream is amazing. I've been able to replace lydocaine patches I used for back pain with it. Soooo much nicer than the skin irritation adhesives cause with regular use of the patches and a much better value to boot.  ;)   The dog loves the smell too (and would eat it straight from the jar if I let him) which can be embarassing, We look like circus elephants when I walk anywhere because his nose is attached to my lower back where I've applied the cream.

Thanks again, --rick

Marie Harlow of Santa Monica got a sample of Hemp-EaZe therapy cream Christmas 2000. She used it on her bursitis that had settled in her left shoulder some years back. The pain and stiffness were reduced in three days of use. She noted that after a couple of weeks, she had free movement and no pain.

Dillion & Jason Brady  of Santa Monica saw the results of their mom’s shoulder and began to use Hemp-EaZe cream on their elbows and knees, after playing baseball. After feeling the relieve from their stiffness, they shared it with their baseball team members. The comments were: good for bruises. Helped with sore muscles, helped with knee pain, was used on a sprained ankle, works great. Even soothed skinned elbows.

Kim Victoria of Paradise Ca. wrote; I learned about Hemp-EaZe from a Friend who recommended it. Now my husband and I recommend it to our friends as well. We are very pleased with the speed of healing we are experiencing using Hemp-EaZe. So far we have used it with excellent results for insect bites, cuts, abrasions, burns, chapped skin, softening calluses, and rubbed into the dry skin on our cat, which gave him immediate relief of itching and helped heal his skin as well. The product brochure is very comprehensive, helping us understand the uses for Hemp-EaZe and to recognize how much loving labor goes into the making of every jar. Thank you for such a great product

J. Lawrence, Chico says; “I suffer from arthritis. A daily massage of Hemp-EaZeTherapy Cream has made life bearable.”

Jennifer of Chico, is allergic to the sun and suffers ‘Sun spots” and scaring tissue. She bought Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream a few months back and reported that her skin is healing and has become soft and supple.

J. Coughlin of Washington shared; I am an avid snowboarder, but I get bruised and sore after a weekend of fun. I have tried everything to help with the pain. I don’t like taking pills. Also, I can’t stand the smell of muscle creams. Then I got a jar of Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream. I used it on my bruises and they went away in a day! I massage Hemp-EaZe into my sore muscles and the next day I am limber. This is my favorite product. I use it every day.

Bonnie S, Yuba City writes: Dear Tierra Sol Farm, I have degenerative bone disease, the swelling and pain keeps me from getting sleep. But with a good massage of wonderful Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream, I am able to rest peacefully through the night.

Sharon of Chico, is a single mom with two rambunctious children who are always getting cuts and bruises. She’s had trouble finding a cream that her children are not allergic to. Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream has fit the bill. She uses it on their bruises and diaper rashes, mosquito bites, everything! She says she recommends it to all her friends.

J. Lawrence, Chico told me; “ I have had eczema for years. I used Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream for three days and it’s gone!”

Mike of Magalia, Took his Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream with him on his vacation to Hawaii. He used it every time he got off the beach and never suffered with sunburn and had very moisturized skin as a result.

Nancy Mcgruger of Cohasset called and said,” My daughter shared her secret about the comfort she has experienced after using Hemp-EaZe on her arthritis, now I just discovered that Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream works on my age spots!”

Bill from Oroville came to us for help. He’s worked construction all his life and because of it the joints of his fingers are swollen and sore. His Doctor has prescribed all the latest medications but they only have made him ill, and he’s still suffering. I rubbed a sample into his hands and explained how Hemp-EaZe works. Later he returned to buy a jar, telling me he could feel the relief.

Sheryl M. of Paradise expressed, “my grandchildren and I use Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream on our mosquito bites. There’s no more itching. The next day the swelling is gone. My daughter uses it for her acne.”

Pat Cassidy of Nevada City told me, “ My partner and I love Hemp-EaZe so much that we fight over the jar. I used it on my daughter’s diaper rash, and it went away in an hour! I’m telling everyone about this great product.

Carol of Chico, suffers from bursitis in her shoulder, she tried a sample and then returned an hour later to buy a jar. Carol said she was very impressed.

Dan Endre of Paradise said,” I suffer with Neuropathy, some days I can’t pick up anything with my hands, they’re just too sensitive. But I am finding relief when I massage Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream into my hands and feet before I go to bed.”

Jerry of Corning, Has back pain because one of his legs is shorter than the other. Nothing has helped, not even going to a Chiropractor. But since he’s been using Hemp-EaZe Therapy cream, he’s been able to get some relief.

B. Johnson of Oroville told me, “ I have been suffering with horrible leg cramps in the middle of the night, that wake me up. But recently I was introduced to Hemp-EaZe Therapy cream. I rubbed it on my legs before retiring to bed and was able to sleep through the night. I am so thrilled with this product that I am telling everyone at church about this amazing healing cream.”

Anne of Chico, Every since she could remember, she’s had chronic cracked heals on her feet. Nothing kept them moisturized for very long, but she has been pleased with the results after using Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream, those deep cracks are finally healing.

Fred of Corning, He uses Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream for his stiff hands. He told me he uses it in the mornings and his fingers and hands are good for the day.

Yuval Avital of Life’s Essence of Capitola stated,” I am an acupuncturist and herbalist, I have been using Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream for over a year, I keep a jar in every one of my examine rooms, my clients love this product.”

Kathy of Chico is pregnant and worries about the safety of her baby. She prefers using everything organic. She said that she uses Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream on her stretch marks and plans on keeping a jar around to use on her baby.

Margaret of Chico suffers from Sciatica and back pain. She’s a repeat customer of Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream. She warms the cream up before massaging it into her sore areas, says it penetrates deeply that way and she gets almost instant relief.

Brenda of Oroville, a woman with diabetes, just called to buy another jar after Hemp-EaZe helped to heal her fractured toe.

Mark of Australia, Darcy, I am just letting you know that the

Hemp-Eaze that you sent has had a profound impact on the severe sun spots on my dear old Mum's hands. Amazing stuff!  I don't often give products a plug, but I can tell you that Hemp-Eaze works. My dear old Mum has very bad sun spots from 75 years in the Australian sun, and her time in Nepal when she was a trek leader. The Hemp-Eaze has had an immediate impact on the scaliness and dryness, and they are visibly diminished. I am hopeful that if my Mum continues to get good relief she will no longer have to endure the painful process of having them frozen off using liquid nitrogen. My partner Trisha has now also started using the balm on her face, and again the results have been immediately noticeable.

Mark of Australia Darcy, I have a mate with psorriasis (sp?) - have you had any feedback on success with Hemp-Eaze with this skin condition. I am keen for my friend to try Hemp-Eaze. why, Hello Mark! actually there is currently 6 people who are using it for psoriasis. two herbs contained help to cool the angry skin, the oils help to soothe, and hemp root eases the pain and is antibiotic, many have remarked that they have noticed relief right away, it's worth a try, get back to me on that, I would like to know your mate's reaction. Darcy

Mark Of Australia Right then Darcy, I am placing an extra order for my mate! I will be in touch via email. By the way, the Hemp-Eaze fixed these sun itches on my hands that have never responded to treatment before. Over night the itch went and the swelling was gone! Hemp-Eaze rocks!

MIKE FROM ONTARIO CANADA, You have an excellent info pamphlet included with the sample..I was very impressed..Well I couldnt wait to try your product as i suffer cronic neuropathic pain I experience throughout my whole body at times and become bedridden...I also suffer from arthritus in my kness..

my son has a neck injury and my wife a serious back injury with muscle tissue damage..will give them both a rub with your product tonight..the other sample is for my father inlaw who suffers from arthritus..i told him over the phone tomight I have something new for him to try..you see we have tried EVERYTHING..with little relief I sampled a bit of rub on my lower back tonight and feeling its effects several hrs still..I enjoy its deep penetrating effect..much like tiger balm yet not so intense.I will speak to you again in the days to come..after sharing your product amoungst us for our ailments..Mike

Hi again Darcy....I just ran out of the sample you provided and God bless you for this wonderful product..the relief i get with this rub on my knees makes a tremdose difference in the level of pain i suffer..I am amazed at the way it can penetrate deep into your joints and provide lasting releif. I would like to get a larger jar of your hemp-eaze as its going to be a long winter and this time is worst on my body. Please email me back with details and price. I have inquired at a Hempstore in my area if they carry your product and if not would be interested in carrying it for myself and her other customers. as i know the owner quite well..Waiting for your reply

LENORA OF PARADISE, I used a sample bit on my bruise, I was so impressed with how quickly the bruise went away. I am buying a jar for every member of my family, Hemp-eaZe is amazing!

Darcy,The jars of Hempeaze came today.  I was getting so low that we even skipped using it one day and the difference in the way my injury felt was amazing!  I will remember to order sooner next time.  My friend and I do appreciate your working with us and getting our order out so quickly.  We also appreciated your generous 10% off sale.  You should have your check by now. I gave Mary the brochures and she is waiting for the samples. Blessings, It never ceases to amaze me how things always seem to work out!  I ordered your product when I did not need it.  Was glad I had done so when I did need it.  It is amazing how much pain the HempEaze reduces.  Just let me go for awhile without using any and the pain from my injury comes back.  I do feel I am healing faster than the chiropractor and doctor said I would. Ellen


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